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These are sermons preached by Pastor Reed at various and sundry times over the last few years. They are in no particular order. Please listen and enjoy, and we pray you wil be blessed by them.

If you have questions or disagreements, please feel free to email Pastor Reed through this website.

Thanks for being here!

Biblical Separation

Assuming God

Characteristics Of Charity
Christian in Word and Deed
Jesus Gospel Not A Social Gospel
Revive or Resign
The Duties of a Pastor
The Local Church
What Would Jesus Do? Really?
Pur to Purin
Carnality Intro
Envying the Weaker Brother
Left Undone
Armor of God
Maintaining Good Works
Lord Lord
God is For Us
Will God Bless America?
Don't Be Distracted
The Journey is Long
The Churches and the Sabbath
Halloween and Fear
Holidays and Christians
"I" Problems
Importance of the Church
Jesus Wonderful Counselor
Tongues Pt. 1 Jan 17 2016 AM
Tongues Pt. 2 Jan 17 2016 PM
Help Wanted March 06 2016 AM
All Is Vanity
Are You Approved?

 Authority of the Local Church
Body a Living Sacrifice
Cut It Off
Doctrine of Christ Pt 1
Doctrine of Christ Pt 2
Doctrine of Christ Pt 3
Doctrine of Christ Pt 4
Doctrine of Christ Pt 5
Servant of Whom?
What's Your Endgame?
Which Bible?
Christ's Great Commission